• Video Surveillance Philadelphia PA NJ DE

    Video Surveillance Philadelphia PA NJ DE

    June 14, 2017

    Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm, LLC designs and installs Video Surveillance Philadelphia PA NJ DE, Philadelphia County, Philadelphia Main Line and the surrounding suburbs of Philadelphia. Our client list 1ncludes commercial property management companies, International, National, Regional and Local Companies in wholesale, retail, manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, salvage, food service, hospitality and more.   NRSEC can […]

  • Commercial Video Surveillance Philadelphia

    Commercial Video Surveillance Philadelphia PA DE NJ

    June 10, 2017

    Commercial Video Surveillance Philadelphia PA DE NJ When looking for Commercial Video Surveillance Philadelphia design, installation repair and upgrade in Philadelphia look no further than Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm, LLC.  NRSEC provides commercial video surveillance and video surveillance analytics from the world’s leading manufacturers. Today videos surveillance is much more than legacy video recorders. Advanced IP video […]

  • Wireless Security Cameras

    November 30, 2015

    How do wireless security camera system work? The biggest misconception of wireless security cameras is that they can be placed anywhere. All Wireless surveillance system cameras require a power source. The source of power can be a hard wired outlet or junction box.  The more expensive option includes a solar panel or automatic generator with […]

  • PTZ camera installation and features

    PTZ camera Installation and features work best with an integrated security system. By far the most common questions we get from security camera system installation purchasers is can we move the cameras. A PTZ camera allows you to pan, tilt and zoom on an area of concern while an event is occuring. From my experience 99% of the customers who […]

  • The Right Camera for the Installation Environment

    An important consideration when choosing a camera is the environment in which the camera will be placed. Will the camera be placed indoors or outdoors? How is the lighting in the area which the camera covers? Northeast Remote Surveillance, with years of installing cameras in a wide range of environments, can correctly identify the type of […]

  • Digital IP Cameras vs. Analog CCTV Cameras

    Modern analog systems pair analog cameras with a DVR (Digital Video Recorder). The cameras transmit an analog CCTV signal over standard coaxial cable. The DVR digitizes the video so it may be stored electronically. These cameras are very affordable. The most popular ones use Sony Technology. These cameras are still the most widely used due to affordability. Analog are limited […]

  • PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) vs. Fixed Cameras

    On almost every sales call we make customers ask us about Pan Tilt and Zoom cameras (PTZ). There are few installations that can really benefit from the extra cost of a PTZ camera. PTZ cameras work extremely well when coupled with fixed cameras. We have a client GTS warehousing and Logistic that use their PTZ cameras to check […]

  • The Megapixel Difference

    Understanding Megapixel cameras Pixel, short for Picture Elements, is a single point in a graphic image. Graphics monitors display pictures by dividing the display screen into thousands or millions (MEGA) of pixels, arranged in rows and columns. The pixels are so close together they appear connected. The more pixels your have, the more resolution, or “clarity”, you have […]

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