CCTV Camera Installers Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm

Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm installs CCTV cameras with a Digital Video Recorders (DVR) at Warren Heights in Lopatcong, NJ oustide of Phillipsburg, NJ. When thieves and vandals attacked items started disappearing from the community exercise rooms as well as the club house and pool. NRS custom designed a system with a series of Digital Video Recorders and CCTV cameras.  CCTV cameras are deployed through out the property where the video feeds are available for remote viewing on the property managers mobile devices and office computers. The professionally designed security camera system has been a tool for both the managment company and the Lopatcong Police Department. Clear pictures and strategic placement of the cameras have been helpfull in identifying criminals in action. NRS specializes in condo associations with multiple buildings, our expertise in buliding and maintaining affordable private wireless networks eliminates the need for running hardwire. Very few properties have the necessary provisions for running wires for security upgrades and trenching makes most projects cost prohibitative. When chosing a security company it is very important to make sure the provide full system integration with the ability to utlize many technologies to maximize your security system with out beaking your budget

Call or email us today for a no obligation quote on a security system to fit your needs and budget. From a Town Surveillance System to a Kioske with one camera in a mall we have solutions to fit every budget and application.

Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm, LLC installs cctv cameras in Lopatcong, NJ and New Jesrey

November 30, 2015

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