Heisler’s Dairy Robbery Caught on Surveillance Video

Surveillance Cameras at Heisler’s Dairy in Schuylkill County, PA captured video footage of burglars. Note, the indoor cameras were part of the old system.

Article Publisher:
The Morning Call
Contents of Article:

Two burglars broke into the landmark Heisler’s Cloverleaf Dairy store in Schuylkill County Tuesday morning, fleeing to the sound of alarms with ice cream in their backpacks.

It was all captured on video surveillance.

The burglars either failed to do their research or just had an irresistable sweet tooth for Heisler’s creamy concoctions.

Because one quick internet search would have turned up information on the store’s remote security system throughNortheast Remote Surveillance and Alarm, which features a description of Heisler’s wireless alarm and infrared camera system on its website.

State police in Frackville said the cameras show two males wearing dark hooded sweatshirts and dark jeans entered the building through a kitchen window around 2:30 a.m. They quickly placed several containers of ice cream in their backpacks and made a hurried exit, which state police said was likely prompted by the sound of alarms.

State police responded to the call because Walker Township Police Department were not on duty at the time. The store, located on Catawissa Road in Walker Township, is about 20 miles southeast of Frackville and about 10 miles southwest of Tamaqua.

December 1, 2015

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