Municipal Building Access Control


Tired of changing locks and getting keys made? Allow Northeast Remote Surveillance, LLC to install access control devices. We specialize in devices that are controlled by PIN numbers or pass phrases, access cards or key fobs, and bio-metric devices such as fingerprint readers.

Northeast Remote Surveillance, LLC provides access control installation. We can install small stand alone access control systems or enterprise grade solutions controlled by the following (Credentials) PIN numbers or pass phrases, access cards or key fobs, and bio-metric devices such as fingerprint readers.

Access control is a crucial system in a complete security package. A premises alarm will only protect your property after hours, access control gives you the ability to maintain the integrity of your property during business hours. Systems can also be deployed to keep unauthorized individuals out of designated areas during normal working hours.

When access control is deployed with a intercom device you will be able communicate with individuals and learn their intentions before you give them access to your facility.

Enterprise grade access control installation is our specialty. Our team is fully trained on the leading brands in the security industry. We have experience in installing both stand alone access control and access control as part of an integrated system. When access control is deployed in an integrated security system you can fully automate what a presentation of a an individuals credentials will do.

For example we could program your opening managers credential to open the door, disable the alarm, turn on all the lights, adjust the hvac. The enterprise grades systems we deploy are very flexible including lock down functions, camera snap shots of failed credentials and more. Please contact us to discuss your access control installation needs.

We can install access control on gates, doors, fuel pumps and area you need to secure. We are creative just ask!

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