PC Based vs. Off-the-Shelf Surveillance Systems

There are many considerations in choosing Video Surveillance System Equipment in this section we will cover some of the basics and dispel some of the myths and explain why we choose the equipment we use.

Why would you choose a PC based DVR or NVR when you can buy an off the shelf Embedded DVR box?

There are many reasons we lean towards PC based Digital Video Recorders (DVR) and Network Video Recorders (NVR). The number one biggest reason we build our one systems using non-proprietary components is customer service. When someone makes an investment in a quality camera system they expect reliability and long term service from the system. Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm, LLC. builds all of our surveillance systems from an empty case. This allows us to repair everything we build onsite. Do not allow any competitor to tell you a system built buy Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm, LLC. cannot be repaired that is just flat out false “they just don’t have the knowledge or need to make a sale”

  • We can customize the storage capabilities, for example we have a water park in the Philadelphia Suburbs that is seeing a substantial discount on their insurance premiums solely based on the fact that they can produce archive footage of their park for over three years. It has become common practice to file personal injury lawsuits close to the statute of limitations when the details are long forgotten. Most Embedded DVR’s are limited to 1-2 Terabytes
  • All of our systems have Hybrid capabilities. What this means to you is that we can use parts of your existing system or install the older technology cameras in areas where you may not need to spend the extra money to get really good details and facial recognition. In high risk areas, entrances or exits we can utilize mega-pixel IP cameras, the most basic 1.3 Megapixel camera produces 400% better resolution than the very best analog camera. Most Embedded DVR’s do not have hybrid capabilities meaning you have to use all old technology cameras or spend the extra money for all IP cameras. In a well designed affordable system the ability to mix technologies keeps things affordable.
  • The DVR capture cards we use have not changed for over 5 years the hardware remains the same. All of the advances we are seeing are in the programs, we can update the program at any point so a system we installed five years ago can be updated to todays standards and will accept todays camera technologies. The newest cameras don’t require hardware capture cards its all done with programming. The only time you would need capture cards is to use analog cameras.
  • If you buy a system for 4 cameras and you needs change we can upgrade it Upton 16 cameras in increments of 4 ex.  4,8,12,16.
  • If you or your insurance company decides you need to retain archive footage longer than you anticipated we can upgrade your storage capabilities
  • You can watch up to 1000’s remote systems at one central location. We have several small business owners using the system to over see all there locations at one time including live cash register transaction overplayed on the images
  • We can remotely log onto your system to provide support without having to physically drive to your location
  • As you can see there are many benefits of our systems, the only one I can honestly see from an embedded DVR is plug and play.  Just because you can connect wires your not a surveillance camera specialist. It takes experience to know where to place cameras to achieve optimal results. Just because you change the oil in you car it doesn’t make you a mechanic. If you think you can handle running wire and installing the project yourself we offer onsite consulting this includes product selection placement and system setup.

The only downside of a PC based DVR is people using them for purposes other than a DVR. We have customer running 8 years on a PC DVR without a failure. I will guarantee if you try to use the system as a PC you will not be happy because Its going to be a major head ache for both of us and you will instantly void your warranty. Our PC based DVR’s  are designed for Recording Video Surveillance and other security purposes only. It is your system after purchase and its at your discretion what you use it for but it isn’t our responsibility to service it for problems related to running other applications or internet surfing.

November 30, 2015

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