PTZ camera installation and features

PTZ camera Installation and features work best with an integrated security system.

By far the most common questions we get from security camera system installation purchasers is can we move the cameras. A PTZ camera allows you to pan, tilt and zoom on an area of concern while an event is occuring. From my experience 99% of the customers who purchase PTZ cameras never use them to their full potential. PTZ cameras come in many sizes and shapes and resolutions. Both outdoor and indoor versions are available in a variety of resolutions from <.3 megapixel analog to 2 Megapixels and higher.

What are the advantages of a Pan, Tilt, Zoom camera?

Pan, Tilt, Zoom cameras are sometimes used to cover a large area with their ability to pan tilt and zoom with 360 of coverage. A PTZ camera can be programmed to complete a custom automatic tour, panning, tiliting and zooming along the way. These cameras are at their best when they are being controlled buy a trained operator who can position the camera correctly to capture the details while the event is occuring. (Some Pan, Tilt, Zoom cameras now also incorporate megapixel technology) see megapixel security camera

What are the disadvantages of a PTZ camera?

Pan, Tilt, Zoom cameras are normally 3-4 times more expensive to install than a fixed camera of equal quality. You also must understand that if you are using one PTZ camera to cover a large area on a tour you will only capture bits and pieces of any event as the camera pans, tilts and zooms across the scene. Another thing to keep in mind is if you park the security camera in a fix position you will be limited to approximately 80 degrees of viewing angle. Some high end Pan, Tilt, Zoom cameras now have auto tracking, they are very expensive with limited capabilty and a well educated crimal could use it to their advantage.

From our experience these higher priced cameras work best for security purposes when they are used in conjunction with fixed cameras that provide 100% video coverage in the area of concern. Many of our customers use PTZ in conjuction with remote viewing to do virtual walk troughs of their properties from remote locations.

PTZ cameras are very effective when used in integrated security systems where high tech perimeter detection sensors are designed to automatically move the PTZ to the area of concern where the sensors are triggered.

With the Megapixel Security Camera technology we now have PTZ fuction from recorded video footage (See Megapixel Security Camera)

Proper mounting of a Pan, Tilt, Zoom cameras is critical to its capablilty:


  • Proper positioning and mounting is critical with all security cameras, with PTZ cameras you must be carefull not to limit is capabilty due to poor mounting.
  • Mount it flat on a wall and you lose 180 degrees of its capability.
  • Mount it on a 90 degree corner wall bracket and you will lose 90 degrees of its capability
  • Mount it in the ceiling centered in a room you have 100% use of its designed capabilty.
  • When possible, we build custom brackets to raise the camera up above the structure it is mounted on. By raising the camera up the only view missed is the area blocked by the bracket. (We find 99% of our competitors take the quick and easy route)

We provide PTZ camera installation in Allentown, Lehig Bethlehem, Easton, Lehigh Valley, Philadelphia, West Chester, Wilmington, Baltimore, New Jersey, New York

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November 30, 2015

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