PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) vs. Fixed Cameras

On almost every sales call we make customers ask us about Pan Tilt and Zoom cameras (PTZ). There are few installations that can really benefit from the extra cost of a PTZ camera. PTZ cameras work extremely well when coupled with fixed cameras. We have a client GTS warehousing and Logistic that use their PTZ cameras to check inventory and confirm the proper pallets are being loaded in the correct trailers. PTZ cameras are as expensive as 3 fixed cameras of equal quality. For comparison purposes a PTZ camera fully zoomed out will cover 78 degrees at any give moment. With 3 fixed cameras you can cover up to 234 degrees. Sure you can program a PTZ to sweep but Murphy’s Law says it will never be aimed in the right position at the right time. Some of the high-end PTZ cameras will follow the largest object in the scene, that’s really great but what if you have a busy parking lot with moving cars and a lurking thief?

November 30, 2015

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