Testimonial from Hav-A-Break

After several break-ins of our trucks and then gas theft, Northeast Remote Surveillance installed cameras. We can now see what is going on outside and around our building at all times. Best investment of 2008! The problems we were experiencing have since moved on to other unprotected businesses and residences in the area. Thank You!

After several break-ins of our trucks and then gas theft, Northeast Remote Surveillance installed cameras. We can now see what is going on outside and around our building at all times. Best investment of 2008! The problems we were experiencing have since moved on to other unprotected businesses and residences in the area. Thank You! Owner

Testimonial from Robert Uliana

Keith did a fantastic job installing our security system. He and his crew are very professional and left the site as clean as they came to it. Our surveillance system has served us well for the last five years and we have had zero down time. If you are looking for a reliable security company, this is it. They offer several price points and can accommodate any budget. Thank you for the excellent service Keith!


Testimonial from Martins Farm Market and Garden Center

I was having problems with merchandise disappearing outside our store. Northeast Surveillance and Alarm was teaming up with the Schuylkill Haven Police to ensure that businesses have security systems. The specialist gave me a quote in early fall but as I don't have merchandise placed outside, I was going to hold off on installation until the following Spring. My plans changed, however, after I was robbed twice in the month of October, 18 days apart. I decided to call Northeast and see how fast we could get something done to take care of my problem. I appreciated their fast response, they were here within 2 weeks and had the system installed and up and running. They worked very nicely with my schedule and the installation was completed in one day running all the wires and installing all 8 cameras. They were here late into the night to get it finished on time. I appreciate their team and also their reliable work. They also helped me set up a lease buy back payment plan and worked with me on the financial end of it. I thank you again for helping me with my needs and for your excellant service.

Jason Zimmerman Martins Farm Market and Garden Center LLC

Testimonial from Caregivers

Keith came all the way to me in LI,NY. He installed what I call an umbilical cord from our house to my wife's 88 yr old uncles house next door (we are his care givers), it allows us to have 24 hr monitoring of his care. Keith wired up a two way intercom to his front door from our home office, when someone is at the door they ring the bell, it rings here in our home office, no more of aids waiting in the rain at the front door!!!!!!! Keith wired up 3 camera's that are connected to a monitor in our home office, one outside aimed at the front door (I think its called low lux) so we can see who is ringing the door bell, and if someone's in the driveway. One viewing the whole main living area hidden in a functioning smoke detector, it is also able to see down the corridor to the doors to the bedroom and bathroom. The last one is mounted viewing the entire bedroom. Both the inside cameras have microphones in them. I asked my wife's uncle years ago, where he would like to be when the time comes for assistance, numerous times he answered HOME. I will do anything to keep his wishes true, but with a delusional 88 yr old, it gets real hard at times. His last stunt caused Elder Protective Services to be called in, the biggest question anytime he pulls a, what I named, stunt, we get the same questions. How can you give him 24 hr care as he would get in a nursing home, My reply as we show them the monitor is "we give him true 24 hr care". What Keith of Northeast Remote surveillance installed for us was the best investment bar none to give proper care for my wives uncle, so far it has saved him from being put in a nursing home 3 times.


Testimonial from Washery Car Wash Systems

Honest, Straight forward, and Respectable is what you will find with Northeast Remote. In less than six months we purchased 3 systems for 3 different locations (2 camera / 1 alarm) to negate the recent theft we were experiencing. All systems were installed efficiently, with effectively placed cameras to give me the best possible view. Having three systems installed, Keith has my business for the 6 remaining systems that I will be replacing in the near future.

Ed Mady, Jr

Testimonial from Phillipsburg NJ Town Camera System

Northeast installed remote video cameras in different areas of town. The video cameras are very clear and we have the ability to view the live footage from any computer. Keith (the owner) is always accessible and understands how to treat his customers. Northeast techs are experts in their field and they provide a great finished product. If your looking for an honest, reputable, and professional company to install video cameras, alarms, etc., I highly recommend them.

Dsg. Mike Swick Phillipsburg Police Department Phillipsburg, NJ

Testimonial from Consolidated Coin Laundry

Most economical way in the Lehigh Valley to add camera surveillance to your property. Keith is always available to service after installation. Years of quality service.

Jon Horn

Testimonial from Tamaqua Area School District

The Tamaqua Area School District (TASD) procured the services of Northeast Remote Surveillance (NERS) through our Report for Proposal (RFP) bid process during the spring of 2008. As the lowest bidder by more than 60%, the contract was awarded to NERS and the work shortly thereafter. The NERS installation team was professional and accommodating while taking the time to relocate existing cameras to locations which maximized the results of the newly purchased system. This system has been a vital tool in prosecuting vandals, reprimanding students and insuring safety within the educational environment. The prior system was installed by a local competitor in the surveillance business. This equipment became a nightmare to support, not to mention the lack of quality when trying to identify individuals. It is without reserve that I recommend the services of NERS.

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Kenneth J. Dunkelberger, MBA Director of Technology Tamaqua Area School District 570-668-2570 x 1020

Testimonial from Leiser’s Rentals

NorthEast Remote Surveillance & Alarm is top notch! It has really helped our business protect itself. Its great to be able to watch cameras on my home PC, or even on my cell phone! NorthEast makes it easy to upgrade what you have, or put in a new system.

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Rob Operations Manager, Leiser's Rentals

Testimonial from Highlander Laundromat

GREAT experience working with Keith from Northeast Remote Surveillance! Keith is truly committed to customer service! Recently, just days before heading out for vacation I decided it would be great to view my store from my smartphone and tablet while I was away. I called Keith on a Friday morning. He assured me he could handle to task and he would try to make it to my store later that day. After his already long day, I met with Keith around 6:30PM. He upgraded my older DVR with a new state-of-the-art model. When we ran into a few issues on apps which support remote android viewing, Keith hung in there. It was a Friday night and customer support for the new device had been closed hours ago... Keith worked into the night, (even as our wives were calling us to find out what the heck was taking so long!)

Keith returned the next day with answers to our dilemma. It works great and remote viewing is awesome.

Bottom line is he really went the extra mile to accomplish the goal.

Keith worked after hours on Friday evening and Saturday morning WITHOUT any additional cost to his original quoted price. By the way the cost for the equipment and installation was approximately 40% less than others I received.

I highly recommend Keith & Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm for any business or homeowner! This guy knows customer service

William Diebert

Testimonial from Undisclosed Realestate Investor

Extremely pleased. After talking to a local law enforcement officer about the problems I was having at my properties he suggested I contact NERSA. I was having problems with illegal activities on my properties, loitering on fire escapes, unauthorized occupants and a host of other troublesome issues. I am an out of town landlord managing my own properties. The tools Keith and his team have installed make my job much easier and now I can see my properties all at once on any of my electronic devices.

Thank you NERSA

Testimonial from Pallet Pro

The 16 channel cctv system we installed 5 years ago has been an excellent and reliable tool for managing productivity, loss prevention. Pallet Pro is the name of my company and we are in the process of installing another system in our expanded location. They really take the time to customize systems based on customer needs.

Episcopal House Allentown, PA

Northeast Remote  Surveillance and Alarm, LLC. has provided quality services for our 20 story high rise building for the past 7 years. We appreciate the quality video and security services. The system has been a great investment and has covered its investment through recovered merchandise, problem resolution and more. We are happy to say all of our tenants feel safer and our property is more secure than ever.

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