Video Surveillance Analytics Systems Security Cameras Allentown PA NJ DE

Video Surveillance Analytics Systems Security Cameras Allentown PA NJ DE

Video Surveillance Analytics Systems Security Cameras Allentown – 888-344-3846  Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm, LLC  designs, installs, services, upgrades and repairs security camera systems, video analytics, security systems, access control, monitored alarms, perimeter detection, intrusion detection and security camera systems in Allentown PA, Bethlehem PA, Easton PA to include  all of PA NJ DE

Video Surveillance is our specialty our clients include municipal, industrial, commercial, education, manufacturing,

Allentown Security

Video Surveillance Cameras and Security Systems Allentown PA

warehousing, wholesale, retail, logistics, HOA, Federal Housing, Property Management to name a few. The commercial business may differ but the security needs always remain the same. Every property and facility have a few common needs, life safety, asset protection, and loss prevention. Loss prevention may include property damage, damaged goods, stolen product, stolen time, vandalism, fraudulent lawsuits or workman’s compensation claims.

Video Surveillance is evolving with video analytics technology and deep learning video surveillance. Basic video surveillance systems record events based on motion detection from pixel change.  Pixel based motion detection allows the video surveillance recorder to record for longer time periods than a constant record mode. The pixel based motion recording is affected by clouds passing by, bugs, birds leaves and other sources of pixel noise on the video feed. Video Analytic Systems provides intelligent video surveillance by using pattern based motion detection to capture cars, trucks, forklifts and other vehicles as well as people. Pattern based motion detection along with deep learning video surveillance allows the system to alert operators as events are in progress. Our Analytic Systems Solutions also allow end users to adjust and customize the system to your exact needs.

Video Surveillance Analytics Systems Security Cameras Allentown

  • Allentown Video Analytics
  • Allentown Video Surveillance
  • Allentown Commercial Security Systems
  • Allentown Alarm Systems
  • Allentown Intrusion Detection
  • Access Control Systems
  • CCTV Upgrades – Legacy .3 Megapixel – HD Video Surveillance
  • Video Surveillance, Access Control, Alarm System Upgrades
  • Wireless Mesh, Wireless Point to Point, Wireless Point to Multipoint

NRSEC Clients include Government, Municipal, Industrial, Commercial, Education in Philadelphia, Wilmington, Harrisburg, Reading, Lancaster, York, Williamsport, Lewisburg, Bloomsburg, Wilkes-barre, Scranton,                        All of New Jersey and Delaware

Video Surveillance Analytics Systems Security Cameras Allentown PA NJ DE





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