Wireless Security Cameras

How do wireless security camera system work?

The biggest misconception of wireless security cameras is that they can be placed anywhere. All Wireless surveillance system cameras require a power source. The source of power can be a hard wired outlet or junction box.  The more expensive option includes a solar panel or automatic generator with a battery or bank of batteries for reserve power.

Our most common deployment of wireless security cameras would be to establish a connection between two points that have power availability but do not allow connectivity with a wire. In this situation we deploy a wireless camera network using ip security cameras or CCTV cameras with a video server. Due to the extra expense of a video server required with the CCTV camera, along with the limited capabilities, it is almost always better to use ip cameras. Some security cameras do have wireless built in but we choose to use dedicated wireless devices networked to megapixel ip cameras rather than less expensive all in one wireless security cameras.

Samples of jobs requiring wireless security camera systems:

Customers who do not wish to invest in an outdoor fiber optic network

Town wide camera systems

Large paved parking lots requiring cameras to be installed on light poles

Properties with multiple buildings

Commercial property owners with their residential dwelling in line of site

Mining operations

Properties with buildings split between a paved road.

We always recommend wireless as the last resort. It is always better to hard wire a system using copper or fiber. We normally use a combination of wired and wireless networking when a fully wired system is not an option. Adding wireless adds to the cost of equipment in the security camera system installation.

With internet providers constantly improving there internet upload speeds to the 50 Meg plus level internet deployments are becoming an option. However, long term cost of ownership is much less with a customer owned wireless network. Robust internet connections in multiple locations can get expensive quickly, unless you are like our client who owns cable and internet company.

We are well aware of the wireless camera systems in a box that are sold at local big box retailers and on the internet. Those systems are normally limited to .3 megapixels or less with limited connectivity. I always remind customers you get what you pay for. If you think the price is too good to be true you are right. Our systems are a minimum of 1.3 Megapixels and the majority of our systems are 3 to 5 Megapixels or greater. A quality well designed High Definition surveillance camera system will allow you to zoom in on the smallest recorded details making a huge difference in solving a crime.

November 30, 2015

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