Alarm Installation Security Systems Allentown PA

Alarm Installation Security Systems Allentown PA – 888-344-3846 Looking for Professional Alarm System Installation in Allentown, PA? Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm, LLC has security systems for Businesses of any size including retail, wholesale, manufacturing, office space, government, education, housing, apartment buildings and more. Our Client list includes small local business security systems and Enterprise level worldwide corporate clients.

Alarm systems may include perimeter protection, intrusion alarms, burglar alarms, environmental

Alarm Installation Security Systems Allentown PA

Commercial, Business, Municipal, Education, Industrial Alarm Systems

sensors. Today’s alarm systems are integrable into building controls for HVAC lighting and more. Mobile apps give full control of your security system and can notify of all events as they happen.

Alarm Systems may include two-way door bells with video or simple video access and door access control. Larger facilities benefit from dedicated video servers. Modern Hybrid video servers reduce the cost of Legacy CCTV upgrades as they can utilize professionally installed legacy CCTV equipment.

NRSEC designs, installs, repairs and upgrades alarm systems from the worlds leading alarm equipment manufacturers. Including Bosch, Honeywell, Napco, TYCO DSC, 2 gig, Linear and more.

Advanced deep learning video analytics systems are now reliable enough to provide detection on people, vehicles, and unusual events. With pattern based motion detection an end user may now enjoy many alarm and alert features. Video Analytics from the worlds leading enterprise level video surveillance manufacturers is proven effective in alarming the management and security personnel of events as they are unfolding.

Loss prevention experts concur that active video surveillance from video analytic systems saves man hours, reduces loss and improves security.

Alarm Installation Security Systems Allentown PA- Security Systems Include:

  • Alarm System Repair, Upgrade, Installation, and design
  • Alarm System Monitoring
  • Access Control Systems
  • Video Analytics
  • Video surveillance
  • Automation
  • Building Controls
  • IP Video management
  • Alarm Door Contacts, surface, recessed, hidden
  • Alarm System Motion Detectors
  • Commercial Beam Sensors
  • Outdoor Motion Detection
  • Perimeter Detection
  • Security System Integration

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