Apartment Building Security Camera

apartmentNortheast Remote Surveillance and Alarm, LLC provides HD Apartment Building Security Camera, Alarm and Access Control solutions for apartment management. A well designed surveillance camera system will allow management to watch the property live from any location with internet access. The Network Video Recorder archives of all events for later review.

Apartment Building Security Cameras deter crime, reduce frivolous law suits, document illegal dumping, deter vandalism, allow verification of occupants.

NERSA installs the same High Definition equipment  in apartment building security camera systems that we install for law enforcement and municipal partners. Our systems display and record images as clear as HD cable TV. We understand most of our clients are not IT professionals and we provide systems that suit both customer needs and technical ability. All installations include Remote support and training to ensure our clients maximize their investment.

Our integrated security systems provide access control with Security Camera image archives of every entry event. Managers will have the ability to visually confirm the access controlled entry while determining exactly who entered the building with the authorized individual.

A well designed apartment building security camera system includes Elevator Security Cameras, Security Cameras on emergency exits along with emergency exit alarms. Security cameras on every floor improve safety and will confirm the destination point of trespassers or unapproved guests.

Services include professional system design, installation, wired and wireless high definition cameras for light poles and detached structures, access control, intercoms/entry systems, alarms and integrated security.

Do you have multiple buildings on the same property? Our enterprise grade wireless deployments allow all the cameras to be streamed to the management office on one recorder. Do not be confused by the vendors wanting to duplicate equipment and deplete  your budget with multiple internet services. We can even use our network distribute internet through out your property.

We specialize in seem less integration of security equipment in older structures. Our team uses the latest technology and techniques to install equipment for the cleanest installation possible. All exposed interior and exterior wires are placed in conduit to protect the wiring from vandals and mother nature.

Our installations begin with quality parts and equipment from industry leaders. All of our suppliers provide us with 3 year warranty on equipment and parts.  NERSA delivers a 3 year warranty on labor.


Serving Areas include Pennsylvania, Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, Quakertown, Lansdale, Hazleton, Wilkes-Barre, Scranton, Stroudsburg, Harrisburg, Reading, Lancaster, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, New York and every where in between.

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Northeast Remote  Surveillance and Alarm, LLC. has provided quality services for our 20 story high rise building for the past 7 years. We appreciate the quality video and security services. The system has been a great investment and has covered its investment through recovered merchandise, problem resolution and more. We are happy to say all of our tenants feel safer and our property is more secure than ever.