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Business Security Easton PA

Business Security Easton PA 1-888-344-3846 – Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm, LLC designs, installs, repairs and upgrades Business Security Systems and Commercial Security Systems in Easton PA and Phillipsburg NJ. Our experience in town-wide wireless video surveillance gives business owners the ability to place cameras on any part of their property with the reliability and quality you expect in a High Definition Business video surveillance system. Securing Business, Municipal, Industrial, Commercial and Education facilities is our specialty.

Business Security Easton PA

Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm, LLC securing businesses in Easton PA and beyond

Today business alarms do much more than just alert you of burglars and after hours entry. Business Alarms now also integrate into automation to include lighting control, HVAC and interior environmental controls. Like most advanced systems these days your mobile device gives you the power to arm or disarm your system from anywhere you can obtain an internet connection. Wireless Cellular  4G technology prevents burglars from disabling communications before entering your facility with a pair of wire cutters on your incoming phone line. Additionally monthly service charges for an burglar alarm system landline have become a thing of the past.

No commercial business security plan is complete without video surveillance. Video Surveillance gives management the tools to improve accountability, aid in training,  improve production, cost jobs, protect inventory, secure equipment, verify deliveries and more. The uses for video surveillance are as unique as each individual customer we serve.  Video Surveillance provides 24/7 documentation of activities on your property for months days and years.

Access Control systems for business security provides many levels of security and documentation. Access control systems tell management exactly where someone presented a credential to enter or pass through a secured point. Advance Access Control Systems will also integrate with Video Surveillance to help in event searches in Easton PA and beyond technology makes security and entry verification easier than ever.

NRSEC provides Business Security Systems and installations in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, for clients of all sizes from small business to international companies

Business Security Easton PA


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November 2, 2017