Coin Laundry Security Automation

Coin Laundry Security Automation – Improve Your Coin Laundry’s Security with Automation. As a business owner, you understand the importance of coin laundry security. Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm, LLC (NERSA) offers coin laundry security automation with timed opening and closing to provide business owners with an added layer of protection and reduction in labor. We will discuss why this system is essential and how it can benefit your business.

NERSA’s timed opening and closing system is designed to protect businesses by ensuring that employees are not left alone in the store after hours or when the store opens for business. This system also helps to prevent theft by limiting customer access after a certain time. Additionally, this system reduces energy costs since lights and other systems within the store can be set to automatically turn off at a predetermined time.

NERSA’s coin laundry security automation with timed opening and closing is easy to install and use, allowing you to customize your settings depending on your needs. It is important to note that it cannot be overridden by anyone other than authorized staff members. This ensures that only those who have been granted access will be able to make changes or adjustments. Systems override release buttons prevent customers from being trapped in the store.

Also included in the automated system is an emergency notification feature which allows designated personnel to be notified if something goes wrong during non-business hours or when the store is closed for the night. This allows for quick response times in case of emergencies such as break-ins or fires. The emergency notification feature also provides peace of mind knowing that help will arrive quickly if necessary.

At NERSA, we understand how important it is for business owners to ensure their stores are secure from theft and other dangers. Our coin laundry security automation with timed opening and closing provides an extra layer of protection so you can rest assured knowing that your business is safe at all times. If you have any questions about our automated system or would like more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us today! We look forward to helping you improve your store’s security measures! serving PA, NJ, DE, MD with reliable Coin Laundromat Automation Services

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