Commercial Video Surveillance Bethlehem PA

Commercial Video Surveillance Bethlehem PA-Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm, LLC. When management at Leiser’s Rentals decided they needed security cameras their primary goal was to acquire a security camera system that would allow verification of equipment turnover on the property. NERSA installed a 16 channel Hybrid Digital Video Recorder with infra-red CCTV security cameras. The video security cameras provide live video feeds to management as well as 90 days of video archives. Video Surveillance is a proven tool for management of both rental equipment and employees. After hours, the security cameras provide images assisted by infra-red technology, allowing the property to be fully protected no matter the time of day. Management is also now able to view live security camera feeds from mobile phones, smart devices or any PC with an internet connection. The versatility of the security systems NERSA supplies ensures peace of mind both to company personnel and patrons.

Commercial Video Surveillance Bethlehem PA
Commercial Video Surveillance Bethlehem PA

Commercial video surveillance in Bethlehem PA is an effective way to keep a watchful eye on a business. With a surprising level of efficiency, ai video analytics can alert property owners when a suspicious person approaches the premises and even follow their movements. For example, this technology can detect a break-in before it happens and notify the owner right away so they can take immediate action. Video surveillance provides essential protection that cannot be replicated through traditional methods due to its precision and accuracy. Moreover, businesses that take advantage of this type of security tend to experience fewer losses and damages as a result.

NRSEC provides security system design for commercial, industrial, municipal and educational facilities. Our experience with hybrid video recorders allows us to upgrade any legacy CCTV system affordably.

Our team of security installation professionals can enhance your existing CCTV camera system integrating your current cameras and wiring by adding new HD video surveillance technology. Other security installation services include Access Control Systems for gates and doors, alarm systems, intercoms, pa systems, IP cameras, Analog HD cameras, Network Video Recorders, Integrated Security Systems

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