Commercial Video Surveillance Repair and Upgrade

Commercial Video Surveillance Repair and Upgrade

Commercial Video Surveillance Repair and Upgrade – Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm, LLC. specializes in Commercial Video Surveillance Repair and Upgrade. Does your legacy or aging video surveillance system need a new shot at life or a complete refit?  Are you looking to add video analytics? Improve your recorded video surveillance footage? Make your video surveillance system user friendly? Our team of seasoned professionals include experts in wired and wireless deployments in facilities of all sizes as well as large campuses and town-wide video surveillance systems.

Commercial Video Surveillance Repair and Upgrade

Is your video surveillance hanging by a wire? Are you ready for a long overdue upgrade or just need a refresh of our existing system? Commercial Video Surveillance Repair and Upgrade is essential in utilizing all the newest technology and establishing a secure, reliable video surveillance system. Is your current system on the list of compromised video surveillance systems? Do you have the latest firmware to combat cyber threats? How often does someone check your video surveillance recorder? Will the video surveillance system have the video evidence recorded when you need it? Have you tried to extract an event to find your video surveillance or Video Management System has not been recording? We have many options to include high end systems with notifications, remote checks on a schedule and automatic back up servers. Some people are misled to think recording to the cloud is the answer. Unfortunately you need an internet connection to establish a video feed to the cloud and internet is not 100%

Are your video surveillance cameras hanging by the wire? Do you currently have a broken video recorder in your video surveillance system? Are you looking for a service agreement? Does your current vendor actively perform firmware updates? Are you looking for a service agreement? We customize service agreements  for both Video Surveillance Repairs and Video Surveillance Upgrades. Upgrades could be a simple as downloading and installing the latest firmware on your recorder and cameras. Security Camera Firmware Upgrades are often overlooked. Neglecting to upgrade your equipment firmware may lead to compromising your complete network to cyber attacks.

Our Video Surveillance Service Agreement Options include:

System Health Monitoring, Firmware Upgrades, Video Surveillance Camera Cleaning, Motion Detection Adjustments, Recommendations of Foliage Control, Surveillance Systems Optimization, Recommendations on using your video surveillance system to its fullest potential and Custom Video Monitoring. Video Analytics Required. 

Video Analytics adds a level of intelligence to commercial video surveillance. The added intelligence improves the video surveillance program to a point where we can reliably detect people and vehicles at a high level of accuracy.  Our team customizes alarm system responses based our your needs. We can trigger a strobe, activate a pre-recorded message, send an email or text and even respond with a live person with 2-way communication. Want to take it a step further? We can even dispatch your local police.

We are a full service security system design and installation company Commercial Video Surveillance Repair and Upgrade is one of the many services we offer.

Call today for Video Surveillance System Evaluation. We can handle all of your security needs including access control, alarms, entry systems, cctv upgrades,  video analytics and more.

Call US today with your specific needs and questions on Commercial Video Surveillance Repair and Upgrade (888) 344-3846

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