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Security Access Control

Access control security is a broad term covering the policies, processes, devices and methods that security teams use to protect people, property and data against risks posed by unauthorized intruders. By controlling access to buildings and specific areas within buildings, a security team can

Commercial Video Analytics

Today there are commercially available intelligent video systems that are high-performing and proven, yet designed for simplicity of installation and operation. Despite this, corporate security directors for industrial sites have plodded along traditional routes using timeworn security programs only to be blind-sided by new

Fiber Optics Contractor

As Fiber Optics Contractors, Northeast Remote Surveillance & Alarm has the capability and expertise to provide fiber services for inside and outside applications. If you have a fiber optic network that is not performing as you expected we have the expertise to inspect and

Commercial Security Contractor

Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm, LLC is a premier custom security integrator in the Northeast. Although our customer base has become wide and diverse over the years. We specialize in providing integrated security systems for municipal, apartment buildings, multi-family properties, industrial, and commercial businesses.
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