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Restaurant / Bar security installation services, security cameras, burglar alarm systems, fire alarm systems, and Point of Sale (POS) integration.

Northeast Remote Surveillance, LLC has experience in integrated security installation for the food and beverage industry. NRS has experience with providing food and beverage security services for National Franchises, Independent Restaurants, Golf Courses, Diners and Deli’s. Our custom designed digital video recorders (DVR) are of hybrid design. We can use your existing analog CCTV security cameras and enhance your security with new digital High Definition security camera technology. New digital security camera technology captures even the smallest details in high definition with full color even in low light conditions. Blurry, black and white, low light images that instantly become unusable when enlarged are now a thing of the past. With our new digital megapixel security cameras you can enlarge images to see all the details or your recorded images.

When used outside the new megapixel camera technology will capture enough detail to zoom in on license plate numbers from recorded images. Properly placed digital security cameras on the interior of your establishment will allow you to count the money in the cash draw and more with extraordinary detail. Even if a masked thug targets your establishment there is a good chance you will be capturing the color of their eyes and enough details of their clothing to make a positive identity. With Northeast Remote Surveillance, LLC. you will always have usable evidence for management, security, inventory control, customer service and any other need that arises.

Northeast Remote Surveillance, LLC is a expert in Point of Sale Integration. We raise cash register camera usability to the next level with our text insertion services. Our specialized security equipment will capture every transaction and order as it is placed storing full action images with synchronized text for both real time and later review.

NRS monitored alarms provide fire and burglar protection for our clients. Our NICET level III fire alarm professionals have the experience and credentials to ensure the safety of your employees, customers and protect your business investment.

  • What can our integrated security system designs do for you?
  • Customer Service (verify complaints)
  • Training Opportunities (capture events for later view)
  • Staffing (many of our clients use our security camera systems to look into their establishment to adjust staffing needs)
  • Drive off customers (provide vehicle registration details)
  • Slip and fall lawsuits (don’t be an easy target)
  • illegal dumping (filling your dumpster)
  • verify vendor orders as they arrive
  • verify money at point of sale transaction (never again will their be a question if the customer handed your employee a $20.00, $50.00 or $100.00 Bill)live views of multiple locations on one or multiple monitors

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