Security Technicians Installers Wanted Allentown Philadelphia

Security Technicians Installers Wanted Allentown PA Philadelphia PA – Northeast  Remote Surveillance and Alarm, LLC. Security Technicians and Installers are in demand in Allentown and Philadelphia. This job provides an opportunity to make a real difference in society by helping businesses, homes and public facilities stay safe. Security technicians and installers can develop their skills while working with the latest computer and technological advancements. Whether you have worked in the industry before or are just starting out, this job would be the perfect fit for someone who wants to ensure that customers’ property is being safeguarded at all times. You could become an invaluable asset to any security team, so start searching in Allentown and Philadelphia today!

Security Technicians and Installers Wanted in Allentown and Philadelphia! If you seek an ever-evolving atmosphere and have expertise in installing security systems, then these positions are for you. With the rise in demand for safety solutions, this could be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. Join a team of professionals who are committed to providing world class customer service with experience and know-how. Don’t miss the chance to develop your skill set and take your career to new heights – Security Technicians and Installers Wanted in Allentown and Philadelphia!

Security Technicians and Installers are wanted for immediate positions in the Allentown-Philadelphia area. We are looking for qualified individuals to help protect homes and businesses from potential security threats. Our Security Technicians and Installers will ensure proper installation of smart home systems, CCTV cameras, alarm systems, locks, access control systems and more. This is an excellent opportunity for individuals who have an affinity for technology and are interested in the rapidly expanding field of home security. If you want to be part of something bigger and join a team that is dedicated to providing the best protection possible to customers, this could be the job for you!

Interested in launching a career in Security Systems Install? Look no further than NRSEC, Security Technicians, Sales People and Installers Wanted in Allentown and Philadelphia! Experienced Security Installers are wanted to procure, install, and maintain Security Systems for Residential & Commercial sites. Tasks include but are not limited to: Access Control, Intrusion Alarm, CCTV/IP Video Surveillance and other related System components or services. Come join this exciting growing industry today!

Do you have experience in commercial building or wiring? NRSEC is Looking for all stars to grow with our team of professional security system installers. Hard working motivated mechanically inclined individuals welcome. Incentive motivated individuals looking to excel please apply.

NRSEC is looking for all stars to join our growing team of professional security installers and technicians in the PA NJ DE area. Is NRSEC for you? The answer is yes if this sounds like you.

  • want to be part of a small company with unlimited opportunity

    Security Technicians Installers Wanted Allentown Philadelphia
    Security Technicians Installers needed Allentown Philadelphia
  • can work alone
  • have pride in your workmanship
  • enjoy new challenges
  • possess a positive attitude
  • enjoy compensation based on your ability
  • looking to grow in the industry
  • have an analytical mind
  • sub contractors welcome
  • have clean drivers license
  • are drug-free
  • prefer to be paid by the job rather than by the hour with the potential of higher earning

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Security Technicians and Installers Wanted in Allentown and Philadelphia



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