Video Surveillance Security Systems Warren County NJ 888-3443-846

Video Surveillance Security Systems Warren County NJ 888-3443-846 – Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm, LLC  designs, installs, upgrades and repairs video surveillance systems, security systems, alarm systems interview rooms, intercoms in Warren County NJ. Our Clients include municipal offices and police departments in Phillipsburg, Washington, Blairstown, Knowlton to name a few. Our extensive knowledge of town wireless video surveillance and commercial security installations gives up the knowledge and experience to secure any facility.

We provide access control and video surveillance for any size facility in NJ, PA and DE. Our wireless solutions provide video surveillance for the Town of Phillipsburg NJ Municipal Offices, Police Station, Town-Wide video surveillance as well as the Town of Phillipsburg Federal Housing Authority.

NRSEC specializes in business, commercial, municipal, industrial and education security systems. Our team partners with the worlds leading security equipment manufactures to provide you with the security systems and video surveillance solutions to fit your needs and budgets.

Video Surveillance Systems – Today it is common place to see video surveillance everywhere you look. Video Surveillance protects offices, employees, business owners, corporations, customers, inventory in buildings, warehouses, streets, parking lots, schools, parks, pools, play grounds.

Our team has the experience to design and install commercial security systems in any building. Clients enjoy the flexibility and diverse product offerings to fit any budget. We partner with Avigilon to offer world class IP video management. Avigilon is the industry leader in smart video surveillance know as video analytics, Dell Video Servers and Appliances use algorithms and pattern based motion detection to achieve the unequaled performance, and end user  experience.

Enterprise Level security professionals enjoy the ability Avigilon ACM to search archives by facial recognition, vehicle identification with a few mouse clicks. Avigilon Deep Learning Video Analytics also provides management and security staff with alerts of crowd gathering, missing objects, left behind objects, abnormal activities for a proactive approach to security and life safety.

Video Surveillance Security Systems Warren County NJ 888-3443-846

  • Municipal Video Surveillance – Offices, Buildings, Dumps, Garages, Parks, Playgrounds, pools
  • Municipal Security Systems – Alarm Systems, Panic Buttons for offices and buildings
  • Municipal Access Control – buildings, fuel pumps, storage areas
  • Commercial Video Surveillance – one to hundreds of cameras any size facility
  • Commercial Alarm Systems – Intrusion Alarms, Perimeter Detection, Burglar Alarms
  • Commercial Access Control – Biometrics, Key Cards, Key Fobs, Mobile Devices, Pin Pads
  • Enterprise Grade Wireless- Mesh, Point to Point, Point to Multi-Point, Wireless Backhaul
  • Industrial CCTV- We can cover any large industrial equipment process to improve operator efficiency
  • Industrial Facility Perimeter Protection- Give your security staff the tools they need
  • Video Wall- From a few to hundreds of camera views we have what you need

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October 3, 2017