Impact Window Film Protection

Technology Advances Equal Stronger Impact Window Film
Micro-layered polyester technology helps Impact Window Film outperform all other films of similar thickness. Fragment retention films greatly enhance the shielding capability of glass in a very inconspicuous manner. Impact Window Films can be applied quickly and easily over existing windows for bomb blast mitigation. Over the course of many years, they maintain a high level of optical clarity, even during extreme conditions. Impact Window Films use micro thin, cross-woven layers of material that are laminated together to enhance tensile strength and elongation.

For most security applications, 8 mil to 14 mil thickness film is commonly used. Thinner films are often used in lower threat environments or when the primary reason for installing the film is for tinting or solar protection. Thicker films are often used in higher threat environments where additional security protection is needed. The security professionals at Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm, LLC. can evaluate your film requirements.

Hurricane Security Film Protection

Hurricane Security Film Protection – Hurricane Glass Film Protection will help hold all of the remaining razor sharp glass intact; slowing down the effects of Mother Nature and allowing the window to continue to function, preventing further collateral damage to your residence, business, and

Safety Film Contractor in PA

Safety Film Contractor in PA – Window films hold glass in place during catastrophic events, such as terrorist attacks, inadvertent bomb blasts and foul weather. Increasingly, government and commercial building owners are protecting their glass with the installation of these films. Our installation contractors
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