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A trusted leader in commercial security installations in Newark NJ, Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm, LLC has become the authority on resolving everyday problems effectively and affordably. We provide security and video analytic management solutions for Commercial Housing, Warehousing & Distribution, Restaurant and Bars, manufacturing, wholesale, retail, transportation, agricultural and so much more. Our security and analytics systems professionals focus on your core needs.
Commercial Security System requirements are universal, no matter the scale of an organization. NERSA’s extensive experience allows us to assist a broad range of commercial establishments – from small businesses and local management companies to multi-property owners, warehouses, and international management corporations.

Our professional installation and design team has the experience and tools required to optimize equipment location for maximum performance and reliability.  Security Equipment performs best when it is utilized for its intended design purposes by experienced security professionals. All of our installed equipment carries a 3 to 5-year warranty to be determined at the time of purchase. Warranties are limited to equipment parts labor and installation.
If you are looking for any Commercial Security Installation Contractors in Newark NJ, Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm, LLC is the company you want.

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