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Commercial Housing Security Camera Installation, Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm, LLC. works with single and multi-property owners, local management companies and international management companies to provide security camera and systems integration services.A well-covered property should have security cameras in all public areas, elevators, parking lots, laundry rooms, entrance doors, gyms, pools, community rooms. Most of our clients also have cameras on their dumpsters, as illegal garbage dumping has become an issue in some areas. Our client list of commercial housing clients includes Premier Condominium Associations, HUD housing, 20 plus floor apartment buildings, multi-family units spread across acres of land and everything in between. We custom build hybrid video servers for our projects so we can utilize existing analog equipment on site and deplAnalog analog High Definition Megapixel Surveillance equipment. This newly released equipment makes for an affordable upgrade to achieve 1080p High Definition using your old cctv system wiring.

Our team specializes in affordable enterprise grade wireless deployments.  This technology allow us to deploy cameras on light poles, multiple building and other structure where wiring is a challenge.  Megapixel security cameras work best for larger common areas and parking lots.

Any one can run wires across a drop ceiling in record time !! Most of the installations we do are on pre-technology properties built in the 70’s and 80’s our team has the knowledge, experience, tools. technology, creativity and patience to get the security cameras and wires where they are needed. We also love newer property installations outfitted with drop ceilings wire trays and chases. We have experience with all types of commercial housing security camera installation.

Our integrated access control systems will provide secured entry for your tenants with video archives. This is an effective tool in property management. Traditional key pad entry systems allow users to easily share codes with friends, the pizza delivery guy and anyone else. We upgrade all existing systems and also integrate Alarms.

Multi-family units spread over a large property offer their own challenges:

  • Do your tenants pay for their own utilities, if so we will need a public power source
  • Is there low voltage conduit between the structures if not are you willing to cover the additional expense of new conduit (We can also deploy wireless)
  • Does the contour, layout, and vegetation of the property allow for a wireless deployment to a central recorder or will each structure need its own recorder
  • Is there a place to install equipment

Our experience Commercial Housing Security Camera Installation, government housing authorities and the largest property management company in the U.S.A. gives our team the experience and the knowledge to provide a commercial housing security camera installation to fit your needs, expectations and your budget!

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Apartment Buildings

Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm, LLC provides electronic solutions including phone entry, video surveillance, CCTV, Access Control, and Alarm systems for apartment management. A well-designed surveillance camera system will allow management to watch the property from their office live and provide an archive of activities that occurred on the property. Cameras will deter crime, confirm slip and fall incidents, reduce illegal dumping, deter vandalism, allow management to verify occupants, and provide video evidence for the authorities when it is needed.






Multifamily Housing

Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm, LLC has the video surveillance solutions needed to deploy a community-wide camera and access control system. Our extensive experience with town-wide surveillance camera systems has driven us to become an expert in enterprise grade wireless cameras. Our wireless deployments will allow a reliable camera system that will feed every camera stream to the management or security office of any property regardless of size Acres or Miles we have you covered.







Housing Authorities

Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm, LLC provides video surveillance, access control, alarms, intercoms and integrated security systems for housing authorities.