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Door Security Access Control Security PA DE NJ – Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm, LLC installs, maintains, and repairs access control door hardware. Most any door can be up fitted with access control.  The most common types of access control lock hardware are Electric strikes and electric mag locks. Door strikes allow the lock set to perform normally on egress.  Depending on the type of hardware you have you may need to upgrade the lock set. The most common electric door strikes are electromagnetic rim strikes and electromagnetic mortise strikes. Rim strikes are most commonly used with emergency exit or push bar equipped doors.

Door Security Access Control Security Magnetic Locks are commonly used in applications where it is difficult to install a tradition strike and on doors that do not use traditional locksets. Magnetic locksets are most commonly surface mounted on door frames, but they can also be flush mounted to the door frame. Magnetic Lock Sets also called maglocks, are required to release when fire alarm systems are active. Alternatively, emergency release hardware can be placed at the door.

NRSEC provides integrated security solutions to include Access Control, Video Surveillance, Video Analytics, Premise Alarms, Intrusion Alarms, Access Control Doors, Access Control Gates, Access Control can be fitted to nearly any electric controlled device, including pumps, elevators and more.

Our clients include Commercial, Industrial, Education, Municipal, International Corporations and Small Business, Northeast Remote and Surveillance Alarm Systems located in Allentown Pennsylvania has all of your Business Alarm Security needs!

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