Residential Video Surveillance System PA NJ DE MD

Residential Video Surveillance System

Residential Video Surveillance System for High-End clients looking for the commercial grade equipment. Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm, LLC  installs, maintains, upgrades and repairs reliable video surveillance systems from the worlds leading video surveillance manufacturers. If you are looking for quality equipment with a commercial grade installation from the Lehigh Valley’s highest-ranked professional video surveillance installation company look no farther.

Residential Video Surveillance System

Commercial Video Surveillance for Residential Applications

Today’s 4k Video Surveillance Systems are far superior to the .3 Megapixel Legacy CCTV Systems. With 4K video surveillance, you now have the luxury of 8 Megapixels. With  4K  surveillance, you can now cover a much larger area with fewer security cameras. Unlike our competitors who take the one camera fits all applications approach we use advanced video surveillance systems design tools to engineer our residential for maximum performance. A properly designed video surveillance system will allow for situational awareness with the identification of people and vehicles. Many factors go into Residential Video Surveillance System design most residential properties have minimal lighting and require ultra-sensitive cameras or cameras with onboard infrared. Our team can provide you with the products you need to properly cover your property and structures.  We often install motion-activated lightning for our clients to allow for color video surveillance at night. With a standard infrared security camera, you are limited to black and white images.

Residential Video Surveillance System services  include:

  • Legacy Video Surveillance upgrades
  • Accurate Perimeter Detection from our Partner Avigilon a Mototola Company
  • 2 to 30 Megapixel Video Surveillance Cameras
  • Video Surveillance Monitoring (our Equipment or Yours)
  • Experienced Video Surveillance Professionals
  • Engineered Security Systems Customize to your Applications
  • Alarm System Installation, Service, Upgrades and Monitoring
  • Protection of your assets, and occupants of your residence
  • Advanced Warning Systems of Vistors and Intruders

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September 11, 2018