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Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm, LLC. Industrial Security Camera Installation and manufacturing video analytic systems increase productivity and promote safety. Additional services include integrated security, access control, monitored alarm systems, high definition security cameras, and RFID. NERSA client list includes international companies, regional companies, and small businesses in the manufacturing, mining, foundry, brewing, wood shop, food processing plants and more.

Our Enterprise IP video management systems from Avigilon are designed to record a few to a few hundred cameras for a few days, months or a few years. A well designed industrial security camera installation will increase productivity, reduce shrinkage of tools material and supplies, promote safety, capture training opportunities and more.

Does your plant cover a large area with multiple buildings or structures where you would like to have security camera coverage? Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm, LLC designs and deploys enterprise grade wireless solutions to allow deployment of security equipment.  High Definition Video Surveillance and Access Control devices can be placed in areas you never thought possible. Video Feeds can be sent to an offsite location through the Internet or one or more monitors in the plant.

Do you require explosion proof devices? We have the experience to deploy and service your facility.

NERSA can provide Industrial Security Camera Installation with integrated access control and alarm systems to protect tools, inventory, sensitive documents, private office space and more. During our onsite visit, we can discuss and customize a solution especially to meet all your current and future needs.


How will you benefit from Industrial Security Camera Installation?

Are you missing training opportunities?
Are employees using equipment in a dangerous manner when no one is watching?Are you getting false workman’s comp claims with no way to prove the employee is still working at full capacity?
Are critical areas checked as required?
PM work being done as required (down equipment eats your profits)
Are there areas in your plant were high definition cameras and monitors would allow a machine operator to cover more than one station?
Is your metal scrap going empty
Are expensive tools or equipment going missing
Do you need an easy way to go back and look at labor cost on a job
Do you have trespassers
Have you had equipment sabotaged by ex or disgruntled employees
Is your property spread out with many outbuildings requiring wireless cameras
Are supplies always missing and constantly out of stock

In this tough economic environment, you need a tool to insure you are getting the most out of you resources.

Do you want the ability to spot check cameras without being on the property?  by simply checking in on an area a few minutes a day and bringing things to an employees attention you can increase productivity and accountability.

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There is no obligation, of course, and certainly no pressure, but, together, we may be able to come up with the perfect management tool for your facility. We approach all projects with a can-do attitude, we have the tools, equipment, and knowledge to deploy cameras where they benefit your operation the most.


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Northeast Remote and Alarm Surveillance, LLC. installs integrated security camera systems and video analytics for manufacturing and warehousing companies. Our specialty services include access control, monitored alarm systems, high definition security cameras and RFID. NRS’s client list includes International Companies, Regional Companies and small businesses in the manufacturing, mining, foundry, brewing, food processing industry and more.