Warehouse Surveillance Systems

Warehouses and storage facilities are some of the best candidates for video surveillance systems. With a large number of goods spread across lots of square footage, it can be challenging to keep your operation secure – from both internal and external theft. With the help of a carefully designed security system you can keep constant tabs on high-traffic and high-risk areas such as loading docks or entry points, helping you minimize theft and focus more on other business decisions. Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm.

Most warehouse based businesses and operations prefer using bullet cameras but some use Dome Cameras or PTZ Cameras. To better understand the difference between bullet and dome cameras, please see this bullet vs. dome knowledge base article. Bullet Cameras are easy to adapt to new situations that would require adjusting of the lens, adjusting of the bracket, seeing in the dark, surviving extreme temperatures and other weather conditions. It is the flexibility of bullet cameras that make them perfect for both indoor and outdoor environments. All in all, bullet cameras are best solution for a warehouse setting. For information on what changes the price of a warehouse surveillance camera installation, see this blog post. Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm. Website: www.Nesecurity1.com Phone:888-344-3846


Industrial-Manufacturing Video Surveillance PA NJ DE

Industrial-Manufacturing Video Surveillance PA NJ DE Industrial-Manufacturing Video Surveillance PA NJ DE – Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm LLC  Philadelphia is a leading provider of video surveillance system installations for manufacturing plants. We offer a wide range of services, including video analytics and video
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