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aboutNortheast Remote Surveillance and Alarm, LLC. -Video Surveillance Video Analytics provides integrated security solutions, video surveillance, video surveillance analytics, artificial intelligence, alarms, access control, perimeter detection and more.  With offices in Philadelphia, Allentown and The Lehigh Valley, we understand the commercial security, video surveillance camera system, and analytic system installation needs of each market we serve and we customize our product offering accordingly. For current information visit our new website or our newsletter website We pride ourselves in providing the best possible Video Surveillance Video Analytics and commercial security solutions using non-proprietary commercial security products from the industry leaders. Many alarm installation companies choose to sell and service products available to only them in their market. I consider this bad business on their part when they lock in a customer like that. We believe in keeping clients by treating them right and servicing them properly, not by limiting who can work on the equipment we install. Our experienced, professionally trained, service staff ensures continued quality performance throughout the life of the security equipment, offering the lowest cost of ownership available. We are not driven by high pressure commissioned sales people, we believe in long-term business relationships built on results, reliability and outstanding service and 3-year warranty.

There are many reasons for business professionals to procure Video Surveillance Video Analytics and surveillance camera systems, controlling shrinkage, capturing training opportunities, improving and monitoring employee productivity, costing labor, reducing vandalism, gathering evidence against frivolous workman’s compensation & personal injury claims, capturing point of sale events with text overlaid on video footage, counting retail traffic, everyone knows a would-be criminal will choose an easier target over a property covered with security cameras. (Do your homework before deploying fakes, there have been many lawsuits against property owners)

It is no secret that you can buy security camera systems everywhere now starting at $100.00. So that being said why would you want a custom professionally designed integrated security system? NRS professionals take the time to install equipment in the optimal location, not the easiest location. All of our wirings is done in a professional neat way, good enough for the white house. We build redundant equipment that will continue working in the event of a failure. How often have you gone to the security cameras to review an event but the cameras were not working? We have that solved once and for all. Our custom designed video recorders are monitored by a heartbeat server in our office if a security camera or recorder skips a beat for any reason our techs are simultaneously sent an email and text message. (only available with premium service) We integrate security systems to include cash register receipts overlaid on video footage. Our access control systems can send a text or email image to admin when activated. Additional features allow turning on the lights, readjusting the heat, turning off the alarm, turning on the coffee maker or anything else with one or two swipes of your credentials. When you have a question or problem we can remotely log into your system in moments, saving your valuable time. Most importantly we only install proven professional grade equipment. In most cases, the $100.00 you would spend for that budget consumer camera system would not even cover the cost of wiring and connectors at wholesale pricing and with anything less than ideal conditions the budget security camera system will render itself useless.

Commercial Integrated Security Systems, Video Surveillance Video Analytics are our specialty and we offer anything from a single security camera CCTV monitoring system to Town Surveillance Camera Systems. We specialize in providing custom built PC based recording solutions to fulfill your needs. Many of our competitors find it easier to provide generic “off the shelf” options but our program has proven to provide the best overall value and lowest cost of ownership. Our premium recorder solutions allow us to log in see your monitor screen to help you when a question arises. Our equipment is of the highest quality. We build all of our video servers from an empty case using military grade components including power supplies, hard drives, motherboards, and continuous duty surveillance system grade hard drives. We install industry leading Network Video Server software and analog video capture cards were required to integrate your existing equipment. All of our systems are fully serviceable and repairable. We include remote support and with 1-year onsite service covering parts, labor, and workmanship with an optional extended warranty ensure your equipment will work as well as the day it was installed. It is our intention to install a system that will give many years of trouble-free service. Our business is built on referrals we do not like service calls any more than our clients. When installing equipment we take all precautions to ensure long term reliability. All installations include battery back-up/surge protectors, using quality cables, connectors, equipment and power supplies.

Give us a call today!!! We will sit down and “Brainstorm” with you and your management team design an integrated security camera solution. Our solutions will solve your security headaches, improve productivity, reduce loss, promote safe procedures, and improve your bottom line. It is time to add a company manager that sees everything from an unbiased view and works 24/7 with a 365 day or better memory.

(That’s right, this manager will never call off sick and seldom has a bad day.)

You can rest assured you will receive the best value for your dollar, all our employees have extensive experience and vested interest in our company.

Your complete satisfaction is our goal, our customer’s referrals have grown our business one happy client at a time.

Serving Philadelphia, Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, Harrisburg, Wilmington, Newark, Atlantic City

Large enough to handle all your integrated security camera needs, small enough to give each of our clients the personal attention they deserve.

We look forward to providing you with the best possible security solutions to fit your budget.

Thank you for your interest in Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm & Alarm, LLC Integrated Security Solutions

“In God we Trust All others Are Monitored”

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Video Surveillance Video Analytics PA NJ DE