Commercial Video Analytics

Today there are commercially available intelligent video systems that are high-performing and proven, yet designed for simplicity of installation and operation. Despite this, corporate security directors for industrial sites have plodded along traditional routes using timeworn security programs only to be blind-sided by new trends in crime and added responsibilities of security compliance issues. Popular criminal trends have cropped up, such as scrap metal theft, industrial-plant theft, and frivolous injury claims. On the industrial security front, administrators found their facilities exposed with too many holes because security components deployed for industrial security were not designed for such wide-area detection nor for the added dimension of anti-terrorism.

New threats arose that targeted materials that previously would not have been considered high-plausibility targets. A good example of this is the problem of scrap metal thieves that cart away everything from railcars, steel rolls, and copper wiring to guardrails and street signs. But even more threats have become challenges in recent years – industrial security now needs to secure against threats not previously believed to be security issues, including theft of toxic chemicals, biomedical waste, and flammable materials. Such materials in industrial areas are often inhospitable for guard patrols, yet remain accessible to determined intruders. Because of these changing threats, even high-voltage areas and hazmat facilities (once thought to almost be self-protecting by their inherent danger) now need protection.

A major security project has been introduced to resolve on-going safety and security issues on a large industrial site. Alongside a new HD PTZ Megapixel camera network to update the original analogue cameras, Avigilon a Motorola Systems Company’s advanced video analytics have been installed to provide an intelligent monitoring system helping to overcome problems occurring on site. With limited budgets and a tendency to stay away from complicated solutions, industrial security was without a viable solution for protecting wide-open areas. Faced often with expansive and sometimes labyrinthine sites, not tidy office buildings with easily identified access points, etc. industrial security specialists often relied upon the standard solutions of gates, guards, fences, and when they could, cameras.

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