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As Fiber Optics Contractors, Northeast Remote Surveillance & Alarm has the capability and expertise to provide fiber services for inside and outside applications. If you have a fiber optic network that is not performing as you expected we have the expertise to inspect and test for problems. We utilize industry recognized methods and procedures for all of our clients cabling needs. We service and install both single-mode and multi-mode systems. All of our fiber optic work is done in accordance with national standards and specifications.

Fiber optic is the future. Fiber-optic technology can reach the fastest speeds available today, as fast as 10000 Mbps (1Gpbs). It is essential to the modern world we live in. We deliver a comprehensive suite of commercial and business security products, fiber optic, software and integrated systems with a strong emphasis on service. Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm, LLC installs and services customized, end-to-end solutions, no matter what industry you’re in. Fiber optics connect many essential, communicative and visual tools, providing superior operation for internet service, cable tv, surveillance systems, cell services and many other use . If your fiber optics network is not working properly or cannot support your expanding enterprise, you may be left without vital tools and services for your business.

One of the reasons fiber optics have become popular for surveillance cameras is its speed. The familiarity of Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm, LLC contractors with fiber optics and its installation processes makes them a preferred installation contractor. Cameras use the same types of fiber, multi-mode or single-mode and the same connectors that are used in other fiber optic systems. If spare fibers are available, video may be sent over the same cables that carry LAN, telecom or CATV signals. Thus, in a corporate network or utility power generation facility, for example, currently installed cabling may be available for security system usage.

While fiber optic high speed security cable is hard to tap and impossible to jam, it is possible to disrupt links by simply cutting the cable. Therefore, most security systems run fiber optic cables in conduit, usually metal, for protection. An optical fiber is a flexible and transparent fiber made by glass or plastic with a diameter comparable to that of a human hair. Optical fibers are used to transmit light between the two ends of the fiber and are used in fiber-optic communications over long distances and at high bandwidth. Moreover, compared to electric circuits, fiber-optic systems are immune to electromagnetic interference and have high processing speeds.

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