Security Access Control

Access control security is a broad term covering the policies, processes, devices and methods that security teams use to protect people, property and data against risks posed by unauthorized intruders. By controlling access to buildings and specific areas within buildings, a security team can minimize vulnerability by ensuring that only authorized users gain access.

The primary role of access control security, or the true access control security meaning, is to ensure the highest level of protection for a building and its occupants and contents by managing access to reduce risk. With 60% of companies using dated access control solutions that become more vulnerable every year, it is paramount for companies to regularly review their access control security (International Security Journal).

Unauthorized intruders can steal or damage property. If they gain access to areas such as server rooms or executive offices, for example, they could steal sensitive commercial or personal data, or launch cyber attacks from unsecured devices within the building. In extreme situations, intruders might try to disrupt normal activities or harm people within the building.

Access control techniques can provide other important benefits. For example, the data from access control devices can give useful insight into usage levels for resources, such as conference rooms or car parks where entry systems are in place. This can help facilities management teams to develop plans based on accurate data.

Access control is a dynamic process where users and security requirements are likely to change. Employees might leave or change roles, for example, and that makes identity access management a critical part of the process. Security administrators are responsible for managing moves, adds, and changes to ensure that the database is up to date and accurate. Some access control security providers also have the capability to sync active users through identity providers to automate this process.

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